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SiddurMe - Jewish Prayers 101

As our Communities keep growing B"H larger, their desire of immediate assistance in fulfilling all their Prayers needs will grow even faster.
All our Prayers and Blessings come in the Sephardic, Ashkenaz and Edot HazMirach versions.

SiddurMe is the perfect app for you, if you...

... are getting started with saying your Blessings (Benching),

... or, know the basics, but need help with the longer Blessings and Prayers (e.g. Amidah, Birkat HaMazon or Bedtime Shema)

... appreciate interlinear translation,

... find transliterated Hebrew useful,

... purely love the Hebrew letters and want the Holy Language to look really good on your iPhone display.

... or simply want to make sure you will read the Prayers correctly!

SiddurMe contains the perfect selection of Jewish Blessings and Prayers to get your daily Jewish Way of Life off the ground:

- All Blessings (Berachot) before and after meals or snacks.

- Blessings over Nature's wonders

- Kri'at Shema al HaMita: the "Bedtime Shema" that Jews say before closing their eyes to sleep.

- Amidah (Shmona Esrei): "The Eighteen Blessings", centerpiece of Jewish prayer and liturgy, which is recited three times a day.

- Birchot HaShachar: Morning blessings for a perfect start into the day.

- All five versions of Kaddish (including Mourner's Kaddish): The Prayer you say for a lost loved one.

- Tefilat HaDerech: " Traveler's Prayer" for the Jew on the go.

- ... and some more surprising Blessings that you might not even know!

SiddurMe uses a unique method of rendering Hebrew text on the iPhone, the vowel-points are positioned precisely. Thanks to the "Hebrew Rendering Engine" built into SiddurMe, you can both enjoy the beauty and strength of the Hebrew letters as well as fully concentrate on the spiritual meaning of the Prayers.

We try to update SiddurMe regularly, but if you have any questions or suggestions please email us at

Thank you and hope you enjoy!