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Timer is your perfect companion for board games, sport workouts, cooking, zen meditation or whatever activity that needs a precision and powerful timer.
It can be used for long or short time delays, defined in hours/minutes and SECONDS.
This Timer can trigger notifications while in background, it is Retina Display compatible, and it is a Universal Binary.

Unlike the build-in iPhone timer, the following useful functionalities are added :

- 3 complex timers with time scheduled events can be used at the same time.
- The time can be defined with a seconds precision.
- The timer can be paused and resumed.
- The timer can be looped forever or for a specific number (the number of loops being displayed).
- Elapsed or remaining time can be either displayed. Various display modes are available (including textual or graphical ones).
- Current time can also be displayed
- The time is displayed in fullscreen, in the biggest possible way. Two different areas can be customized.
- The timer start can be delayed, allowing to have a short preparation time before the timer is automatically started.
- The stop time can be entered as a relative duration or as an absolute hour value.
- Portrait and Landscape visualization modes are handled in all application screens.
- The timer can be used when silence is needed (thanks to a flashing screen, vibrations and a dimmed display).
- When the timer ends, different actions can be performed (popup display, screen flashing, alarm sound, looping alarm sound, vibration)
- Events inside and outside the application (in background) can be defined separately.
- When the timer is done, the time is still displayed, allowing to know since how long the timer elapsed.
- The screen can be locked, keeping the timer visible, in order to avoid pressing accidentally the buttons.
- Different dedicated alarm sounds can be used (Bell, Cooking timer, Watch, Gong, Danger, Lama Bell...)
- Custom musics/sounds can be selected from the iPod library to be used as internal alarms. The iPod music can also be stopped.
- Shepard tones can also be used : those tones creates the auditory illusion of a tone that continually ascends or descends in pitch.
- Possibility to define multiple special events that will be triggered when the timer is running.
  Sounds, vibrations (if supported), messages and more actions can be triggered at any time thanks to a complex time scheduling system (that can be easily previewed).
  Here are some events you'll be able to create (and combine) :
    "Play a Gong sound 30 seconds before end"
    "Every 10 seconds during 1 minute, produce a sound with an increasing pitch"
    "Play a tic tac sound every seconds"
    "Once One-half the time is elapsed, play an iPod song and show a custom message on the screen"
   "While in background, plays a Tibetan bell sound 4 times until 6PM"

For the frequent users of Timer, an in-app purchase allows to unlock a premium mode.
This mode adds the following improved features :
- View and run up to 9 timers at the same time (instead of only 3)
- Load, save, import and export your settings, allowing you to share and have multiple configurations ready to be used.
- Add custom sounds or record them directly. Use them as audio alerts when the application is opened. Play a random iPod song.
- Create special actions to automatically take pictures at given times. Use the flashlight as a visual alert.
- Customize the look of the application to your taste.