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5,000 years of Chinese wisdom at your fingertips. Ask your questions ... find out possible comes of taking action versus "Keeping Still" from the 64 hexagrams.

The I-Chinger™ is the I Ching in COLOR. The first page is a red color to bring you good luck! Each hexagram is color-coded for action/success. Select your question and receive your answer in color. Green is +70-90% chance of success, Blue +50%, Yellow +2%, and Red is -50%. "Time" is the proximity of success not when the event might occur.
The traditional hexagram number, name, and meaning is displayed.

Choose your input type. "Instant" is random, "Coins" uses the traditional (Western) I Ching coins (you provide), "Ring Pendulum" allows personal touch access, 6 touches (quick) or 18 touches (like tossing the coins). See if the answer echos your in your mind.

Hexagrams are made-up of 6 lines, built from bottom to top. Input values are:

Heads = 1 = EVEN = Yang (Light-Heaven) Line ---
Tails = 0 = ODD = Yin (Dark-Earth) Line - -

When using the coins (3 coins with 6 tosses) or the Ring Pendulum (18 touches),

2 Tails + 1 Head  ---  (7)
1Tail + 2 Heads - - (8)
3 Heads (changing line) --- to - - (9)
3 Tails (changing line) - - to --- (6)

When changing lines appear, two hexagram answers are generated. The I-Chinger™ combines the color values of the two hexagrams and the change line positive/negative value to produce a Summary Color and chance of success.

Suggested valid questions types are listed as well as invalid questions types to avoid.

The I-Chinger™ provides easy, fast access to the traditional text or can be used by itself to obtain magical answers.

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Disclaimer: Not responsible for any loss or gain. This is a toy. You're on your own ;) Enjoy!