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FIS Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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FIS Calculator

A simple basic dimensional calculator developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The FIS Calculator is the simplest way to work with dimensions that include fractions.

Never before has there been an easier way to add, subtract, multiply and divide dimensions in feet, inches and fractions of an inch than the FIS Calculator. For tallying (adding and subtracting) a string of dimensions nothing
is easier.

What makes the FIS Calculator so unique is its "0 to 15" key layout making entering inches and fractions of an inch as easy as one key stroke each. And now with the addition of the "2nd" button, and the "16 to 31" keys, entering 32nds can also be entered with a single key stroke as well.
By pressing the "2nd" button, the "0 to 15" keys change to "16 to 31", then automatically change back after selecting your number. (See screenshots) Enter your feet, inch and fraction in as few as 3 or 4 key strokes for each dimension.

When adding and subtracting long lists of dimensions, fewer key strokes make a big difference.

Example: To enter the dimension 9'-10"15/32 only takes 3 keystrokes.
To enter the dimension 11'-11"15/16 only takes 4 keystrokes.
Add, subtract, multiply and divide dimensions as easy as using the standard scientific calculators and see your results
in the same format, or switch the format to inches, millimeters or decimal equivalents at the touch of a button, then add, subtract, multiply or divide dimensions in that format, then switch back to feet and inches, or any other format that you want the final dimension to be in.

The FIS Calculator is a valuable tool for hobbyists, builders, engineers, designers, estimators, contractors, layout people, students, carpenters, superintendents, architects, draftspersons etc. who use dimensions of any kind in their daily work or hobbies. Even individuals outside the United States using the metric system will find this application very useful as a convenient way of converting imperial dimensions to metric and vice versa as well as the mathematical functions you can perform on those dimensions in any format.

We will continue to add new features as future free updates including frequently used calculations requested by existing users.

Most, if not all of our updates have addressed users requests.

We welcome user feedback and will try to implement any useful suggestions into future updates along with our own.

Additional features:
-One time memory and recall of the display.
-Audible "clicks" to confirm button presses.
-Dual action clear button - once to clear entry,
twice to clear all.
-Highlighted "operand" buttons to confirm button presses.

FIS = Converts Display to Feet, Inches, Sixteenths
INCH = Converts Display to Inches and Sixteenths
DEC = Converts Display to Decimal of a Foot
MET = Converts Display to Millimeters

Visit the website for a video demo of operation and more info.