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"iMarkMySpot GPS" is a fun and powerful application for your iPhone which you can use to tag your digital photos with their exact GPS location.

iMarkMySpot GPS is a geocode and geotag application which uses the built in GPS functionality of your iPhone. iMarkMySpot GPS lets you store your exact waypoint location with a simple one-touch control click on your iPhone.

You then can email your list of stored waypoints to any email account as a standard GPX formatted file which is compatible with many photography and mapping packages.

Photo location! - GPX file format works with photo packages.

Using iMarkMySpot GPS in conjunction with absolutely any digital camera (including both low and high end cameras of any brand, including those manufactured by Canon and Nikon), you can easily record the exact location where your photographs are taken. What you do is use your camera to take a photo, and then use your iMarkMySpot to record your exact GPS location. After you are back home, and have uploaded your photos to your computer, you easily and automatically merge your photos with the GPX waypoint file that iMark-My-Spot creates. All you need to do to make sure that your photos (from any camera) can be easily merged with your iMarkMySpot waypoints, is to make sure the time set on your camera matches the time of your iPhone. Easy does it - one touch is all it takes!

Much more! - GPX file format works with Google Earth and mapping packages.

iMarkMySpot GPS can be used for much more than tagging GPS information to photos. You can also use iMarkMySpot by itself to record any location in standard GPX waypoint file format, and your waypoints can easily be used by any GPX compatible mapping software, including Goggle Earth.

iMarkMySpot GPS includes the following features:
* True GPX file format compatibility.
* Perfect for Geocoding, Geocaching, Geolocation and Geotagging applications.
* Built in emailing directly from your iPhone of your waypoint lists to any email account.
* Stores date and time of each marked waypoint.
* Lets you name each waypoint as it is created.
* Displays a Goggle map of your stored waypoints, directly on your iPhone.
* Part of the integrated iCloseBy family of products.
* Ultra low cost and easy to use.