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dream diviner™

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The dream diviner™ is designed to be a fun and practical device. The context of dreams is often muddled because time and literal/symbolic elements are all mixed together. The dream diviner™ is designed to unravel this complexity.

Example Dream: An elephant appeared in my dream, what does it mean? The dream diviner™ tells you that if this is a PAST (symbolic) dream the elephant is telling you to remember something (Western) or the elephant is reminding you to reconnect to your spiritual path (Eastern). The dream diviner™ says if this is a PRESENT (symbolic/literal) dream that you drank too much last night (Western - pink elephant) or you will have good luck today (Eastern - white elephant). The dream diviner™ forecasts if this is a FUTURE (literal) dream that you are likely to see a real elephant (Western - at the zoo) or you may play with/ride a real elephant (Eastern - at the elephant sanctuary).

The dream diviner™ PORTAL gives the ability to request a dream type from your subconscious. If the PORTAL is open, two hexagrams* will appear to help you focus your dream request. They link the conscious and the subconscious as shown by GUIDE/PORTAL diagram in the toy. The hexagrams were chosen by experience. Dream Portal Hexagrams: Delight #33, #34,
Healing (Well Being) #2, #43, and Question/Answer #20, #34.

Choose your input type. "Instant" is random, "Ring Pendulum" allows personal touch access, 6 touches (quick) or 18 touches (for more precision). Enjoy deciphering the message of your last dream. Or see if the desired dream occurs tonight.

*Hexagrams are from the I Ching, a book of Taoist symbols. Each hexagram is made-up of 6 lines, built from bottom to top. Input values are:

Heads = 1 = EVEN = Yang (Light-Heaven) Line ---
Tails = 0 = ODD = Yin (Dark-Earth) Line - -

dream diviner™ Diary Hints
(Diary User supplied for now)

Last Night's Dream

1. Record these items from your dream
a. ACTION in your dream
b. PEOPLE in your dream
c. FEELINGS in your dream

2. Record DREAM TIME from dream diviner™
a. PAST Time - Symbolic Dream (REFLECT on Meaning)
b. PRESENT Time - Literal & Symbolic Dream (RELAX mind and body)
c. FUTURE Time - Literal Dream that Will Come True (ANTICIPATE)

Tonight's Dream
1. Record DREAM TYPE from dream diviner™
a. DELIGHT Type - Sense of Mental Well Being
b. HEALING Type - Sense of Physical Well Being
c. QUESTION and ANSWER - Sense of Knowing
a Needed Answer to Your Question

2. Record these items from your dream
a. FEELINGS from your dream
b. INSIGHTS from your dream
c. EXPERIENCES from your dream

Hints for Use

A. Past Dream Interpretation
1. Practice remembering your dreams by keeping your "Dream Diary" and a pencil close to your bed.
2. Try to change unwanted elements in your dream.
3. Use a dream dictionary if you find it helpful. Listen only to those comments that sound postive and useful.
B. Tonight's Dream Programming
1. Use a candle, or polarized natural light, to amplify the light under the "Dream Type" for tonight. This technique may help in the creation of the the dream programming unconscious (hypnogogic) state.
2. When to look for a result? The result of your dream programming will occur at one of these times:
a. As soon as you fall asleep.
b. In your dream.
c. Soon after waking.

The dream diviner™ provides a GUIDE to the wisdom in your last dream and a PORTAL to your desired future dream.

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Disclaimer: Not responsible for any happy nor sad dreams. This is a toy. Your dreams are your own. :) Enjoy!