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It's a clock with numbers so big, you'll never have to struggle to read the time again! Customize it with your own display colors, even your own wake-up sound.

Now you can finally ditch that old alarm clock -- myBigAlarm Customized Alarm Clock takes advantage of the amazingly large iPhone screen to make sure those sleepy eyes of yours can actually read the time when you're waking up! It works in either portrait or landscape mode. Use it as a bedside alarm clock -- ideal if you have a case for your iPhone or iPod Touch that has a leg to stand it up! (Note: Original iPod Touch requires external speaker to hear alarm sound. New iPod Touch has built-in speaker.)

With the myBigAlarm app on your iPhone, you can use its time, alarm, and snooze functions anywhere:
• on the conference table to time a meeting
• on the podium to time your presentation
• in your pocket when you want to wake up from a nap,
anywhere you might be trying to catch some winks
• and of course at your bedside
(and the Snooze function gives you ten minutes more each time you activate it)

Wake to your choice of sounds....even record your own if you like! Select from several prerecorded alarm sounds, such as happy horse, donkey, bark, church. Or record a custom wake-up sound of your own liking -- with voice, music, your own sound effects, whatever! Sample each of the sound choices as you flip through the selector wheel.

Use three other convenient selector wheels to set the alarm -- hour, minute, and am/pm. You can wake at the exact minute you choose!

Plus, you can express yourself by choosing just the colors you like for your clock's display! Simply spin the two color selector wheels -- one each for type and background -- to pick your colors.

Get the myBigAlarm Customized Alarm Clock by DoApp now! It's only 99 cents on the iTunes App Store, and it works on either the iPhone or iPod Touch. (Note: Original iPod Touch requires external speaker to hear alarm sound. New iPod Touch has built-in speaker.)

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