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Q-Dialer is photo dialer; speed dialing with a view. Choose up to 12 contacts from the iPhone's Address Book to be displayed on Q-Dialer's main screen. Q-Dialer will make a button out of your contact's picture or their name, if no picture is available. Using this button, you can then dial their number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Apple has added a barrier to one-click dialing in their API. When the Q-Dialer tried to dial the number of the button you pushed, Apple is now displaying a dialog box asking the user if they would like to call or cancel. ALL DIALER APPS ARE EXPERIENCING THIS ISSUE. We are all aware of the problem and are actively petitioning Apple for a fix.

Please, if you ever have any problems, contact me at I am always more than happy to help, address issues or take suggestions.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions there:

Key Features:
- Use of the iPhone Address book.
- Dynamic button sizes. The buttons get progressively smaller to accomodate more contacts. One contact give you one very large button
while 12 gives you four rows of smaller buttons.
- Multiple phone numbers per button. Have a contact with 4 phone numbers? Not a problem, you can defer the choice until later. Clicking on the user's button will present you with all of the contacts available numbers to choose from.
- Button sorting: press on a button for about a second to drag it to a new position.
- SMS on double-tap
- Fast start time
- Robust Q-Contacts page
- Proper interpretation of pause characters

NOTE: Due to limitations in Apple's SDK, no 3rd party applications, dialers or otherwise, are able to support non-numeric characters (i.e. # or *) embedded in phone numbers. Should Apple support this in future releases, the Q-Dialer will dial these number.

Question or suggestions can be emailed: