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Application Languages: English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese

Take your car for a test drive and let your iPhone or iPod Touch show you the results.

CarTrack tells you real-time how fast you are going, how much acceleration (g-force) you are feeling and what your test time is. After the test, you can look at detailed, zoomable graphs of the entire test run. They measure horsepower and distance traveled, in addition to speed, acceleration and g-forces. All of them in metric units (meters, km/h) or imperial units (yards, mph) as you desire.

CarTrack can save your test runs so you can look at all the graphs and details again. Compare the test with your other runs - before and after tweaking your engine - or with your tests in other cars. A state-of-the-art calibration routine gives you maximum accuracy with any car mount you use to fix your device.

You can do a 0-to-60, quarter mile, 10 second and other types of test, or just keep recording until you hit Stop.
This is a full-featured application, made by a community of car enthusiasts!

Now at a REDUCED PRICE introduction offer.

- Real-time performance display: speed, forward and sideways acceleration monitor, top g-force of the run, time passed
- Auto-stop test runs: 0-60, 0-60-0, 0-100, 0-100-0, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1/4 mile
- Unlimited test run: monitor performance for as long as you wish
- Zoomable (to 3x) performance graphs: Speed, Acceleration, G-forces (front, back, right and left), Horse Power, Distance traveled
- Results reported in metric units (km/h, meters) or imperial units (mph, yards) as you desire
- Results can be saved for later review
- Memory for details of different cars
- Customizable interface, 5 themes included
- Uses the built-in accelerometers of the iPhone or iPod Touch, in ways comparable to what Dynolicious, Spore Origins and Super Monkey Ball do
- Fix your iPhone or iPod Touch in your car in any way you want
- High accuracy, boosted by a full calibration routine
- Free updates with new features
- Currently on introduction sale at REDUCED PRICE.

Visit the CarTrack website for more information:

Please email for Technical Assistance and Queries