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Grid Ref

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Displays your location as a British National Grid Reference in the format used on Ordnance Survey Maps.

This application makes use of the built-in Assisted-GPS in the iPhone 3G to deliver an accurate location in less than a minute from a cold start.

Converts the iPhone's internal WGS84 Lat/Long coordinates to 8 figure OS grid references when sufficient accuracy is available. Can also display all-numeric 12 digit coordinates.

Unlike some offerings this App carefully filters out less accurate cell tower locations that can be as far as 3 miles away, it only shows positions based on the GPS.

You can also launch Grid Ref during a phone call to tell someone your location, whereas apps that need a data connection like the built in maps won't run.

Should you ever need to call for assistance from a quiet country lane or halfway up a mountain being able to give your location as a Grid Reference will save lot of time.

Note: Best Accuracy obtained on iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with a clear view of the sky. Internal GPS needs mobile data signal to initialise but often works out of range of a mobile carrier.