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PLEASE NOTE: In case of problems, please use the support link to get help. Please DON'T JUST COMPLAIN IN A REVIEW because then there's no way for me to contact you back and help.

Tasks+Cal+Sync is a SyncML-enabled advanced task and calendar management application for the iPhone and iPad.
Just swipe left and right to switch between multiple views, showing tasks, continuous calendar, week, day and list.

With Task+Cal+Sync you can quickly access and organize multiple calendars, large lists of ideas, projects and things to do, while taking advantage of the full power of both hierarchically structured or free form categories/tags. Complex tasks can be split up into subtasks and further sub-sub tasks if needed. On iOS 5 tasks can have location based alarms.

Coloured tags allow grouping and focusing tasks and calendar entries in a way immediately recognizable at the first glance. The calendar provides colored display of entries from multiple calendars. With a few taps calendar categories can be hidden or shown in any calendar view.

The integrated SyncML client and server allows synchronizing tasks, calendar (and also the address book) with any SyncML compliant server, service or mobile phone. This includes various enterprise collaboration systems and on-line personal information management services. Many smartphones and featurephones support SyncML and Wi-Fi and therefore can be directly synchronized with Tasks+Cal without exposing any data to external internet services.

Tasks+Cal+Sync supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion for quick entry of often used texts.

Before buying this program with the wrong expectations, please note that Tasks+Cal+Sync has its own calendar, and does not sync the built-in iPhone calendar. If you are looking for native iPhone calendar sync, check out our "SyncML PRO".

Please also be aware that this app's sync support is specifically targeted at services supporting the open SyncML standard. It does not directly sync with calendaring software which does not support SyncML (like iCal or Outlook). For some popular calendars third party solutions exist that add SyncML access (e.g. GooSync).

Please note that the services you might want to synchronize with are all third party offerings for which we are in no way responsible, and cannot provide support or guarantee particular features you might expect to be supported. Please also note that such solutions might have a price/fee attached. We are constantly testing Tasks+Cal with many SyncML solutions, but these are provided by independent companies who can change their feature set, policies and conditions according to their own terms.

The power of SyncML as an open synchronisation standard lies in the independence from a particular service. On the other hand this includes the possibility of services claiming SyncML compatibility which do not really comply with the standard. We put great efforts into making our software work with as many different services as possible even then - within the limits of SyncML standard compliance.
So please check with the provider of the software or service you want to use our application with first whether they support it.

Please visit the Tasks+Cal web page (see support link below) for support and FAQ, more information as well as documentation for download.