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Circles and Equations

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Circles and Equations is a powerful learning aid that combines interactive Coaching Calculators and Guides to help students master finding the center and radius of a circle by completing the square.

Work with the Coaching Calculator to find the centre and radius of a circle step by step,

- Taking constant term to right hand side
- Grouping x-related and y-related terms
- Completing the squares
- Writing in center-radius form

or go straight to a particular step.

The Guide features worked examples with circle equations where the coefficient of x² is one and not equal to one.

Applications include finding the equation of a tangent line at a a given point on a circle and determining if a given point is inside a circle.

It's ideal for students as the menu design reinforces each problem solving step and examples highlight and simplify algebra that students find hard.