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MathU RPN Calc

iPhone / iPad
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MathU RPN is an advanced scientific and fiancial calculator designed in the spirit of classic HP calculators. MathU RPN is based on the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) entry system and combines more than 96 functions to create a calculator that meets the needs of professionals who use a calculator every day.

MathU RPN was created by a Ph.D from M.I.T. who is a MATLAB toolbox author and has 15 years of experience creating calculators for mobile devices. Dr. Clay M. Thompson of Creative Creek has harnessed the computational power of the iPhone to produce an accurate and high performance calculator.

General Features
- IEEE double precision accuracy (16 digits)
- High performance fast computations
- 20 storage registers
- 5 financial registers
- 16 high stack (switchable to 4)
- Supports international number separators
- Switch between portrait and landscape keypads
- Quick access to the preference and on-line manual

Scientific Features
- Full set of trigonometric functions
- Full set of logarithmic and power functions
- Statistics functions
- Polar and rectangular conversions
- Repeated computations

Mortgage and Loan Features
- Time value of Money functions
- Compute mortgage and loan terms
- Solve for payments and interest rates
- Solve for IRR and NPV
- Date functions

Computer Science Features
- Number bases (HEX, OCT, DEC, BIN)
- Bitwise logical operations
- Masking and shifting functions
- Support for a wordsizes up to 48 bits
- Modular arithmetic

MathU RPN 3.0 has been reformatted to fit on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and iPad. In addition, a new stack and register view has been added.

MathU RPN 3.0 a great programmer's calculator. The A-F keys are available right up front for easy entry in HEX mode and there are many functions for working with integers.

MathU RPN 3.0 is also a better financial calculator. There are new functions for computing mortgage amortization and cash flow computations like IRR and NPV, as well as functions for working with dates. Many of the existing financial functions have been extended to handle odd periods (conforming to the same conventions as the HP-12C). In addition, on tall devices (like the iPhone 5 or higher), the financial registers are displayed on the keypad.

The scientific side of MathU RPN has also been improved by adding functions for linear regression as well as computing the percent of total.

In particular, improvements in this update include:

o A two or four line display option so you can see more of the stack.

o Visible financial registers

o Support for iOS 8 iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus.

o New iPad interface that maintains its orientation during device rotation.

o New stack and register display accessible via [RCL] [RCL]

MathU 3.0 supports iOS 5.1.1 or higher (including iOS 8).

For more info (including the users manual)
go to or use the built-in quick reference.