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Pregnancy Calendar

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Congratulations! You’ve started on an incredible journey of pregnancy. To help you along, Pregnancy Calendar offers a bundle of essential tools in an easy-to-navigate calendar interface. You can plan and track your pregnancy by the day, record doctor’s visits and vital stats on mommy and the fetus, check your nutrition intake, and make a detailed birth plan. For the next 280 days, make Pregnancy Calendar your one-stop keepsake for things you need to record and plans you want to make.

The application has 5 screens, namely “Calendar”, “List”, “Chart”, “Birth Plan” and “Prefs”. While pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially for first time parents, Pregnancy Calendar can help you organize and manage the myriad of information so that you can focus on the important matters. For easy sharing or consultation, you can always email the entries and data from Calendar, List and Birth Plan screen to your beloved ones or your doctor.

Use the Calendar screen to enter and manage your data, use the List and Chart screen to display your entries in list or chart format, and use the Birth Plan screen to keep important notes for labor and delivery. Set your preference for the unit of weight and temperature in the Prefs screen.

* Initialization: Choose Due Date in Calendar screen, and then input the beginning date of your last period. This tool will calculate your expected due date, and personalize your calendar accordingly. When clicking on a date during your pregnancy, a message will appear to indicate the week and trimester you are in, and how long away you are from your due date.

* In Calendar screen, select a date to add or edit a list of entries including:
- Mom’s weight, temperature, doctor’s visit, maternity courses, exercise;
- Count and record the fetus’ morning kicks and evening kicks with the ticking clock;
- Record the fetus’ heartbeat to monitor its wellbeing in the womb;
- Keep a journal on daily nutritional intakes;
- Write down your daily thoughts and remarks that make this experience a long lasting memory, and share them via email to your friends and family;
- Unique legends will indicate the type of records you have put down on a date for future references

* In List screen, select the buttons from the top panel to display a list based on your calendar entries: a list of mom’s weight, doctor’s visit, maternity courses, exercise activities, baby’s morning kicks, evening kicks, and journals you’ve entered over time. For journals, you can click on the entry to read the details.

* In Chart screen, select the buttons from the top panel to display a chart based on your calendar entries, to easily monitor any abnormality during your pregnancy: a monthly line chart of mom’s weight, temperature, baby’s morning kicks and evening kicks over time

* In Birth Plan screen, keep a detailed record of the important data and decisions made about your delivery date and postpartum plans. Plan ahead to avoid any confusion and oversight when you are in labor.

Alternative backup/restore option:
- Use any web browser to backup/restore Pregnancy Calendar's data on/from your PC through HTTP protocol (requires Wi-fi network connection)
- Backup file can be transferred to other iPhone devices

Please make sure to follow the doctor’s advice on checkups and any medical decisions. Enjoy the journey.

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