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Quadratic Factoring

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Quadratic Factoring is a powerful learning aid to help students master factoring of quadratic trinomials and solving of quadratic equations.

Interactive Coaching Calculators and Guides combine to speed the learning process.

The Box or Grid Method factors harder trinomials such as 3x² + 7x + 4, but also handles simple cases.

It's similar to factoring by grouping or factoring by the AC method, but many students find it easier because of the routine process involved combined with the visual nature of the box.

Students develop their skills quickly as they work with the calculator and see each step of a process in detail.

- Drawing the box
- Finding the target of the × and of the +
- Finding the signs of the integer pair
- Completing the box
- Factoring rows and columns
- Reading off the factors

Students learn quickly when they focus on a particular step and investigate what happens when the sign of the x-coefficient switches between positive and negative.

The Coaching Calculator focuses on quadratic trinomials with coefficients up to 99.

The in depth Guide is ideal for students as the menu design reinforces each problem solving step and examples highlight and simplify algebra that students find hard.

For convenience, the app also has Coaching Calculators covering many quadratic factoring and solving methods :

- factoring by Guess and Check or Trial and Error method
- factoring by Grouping or AC method
- factoring by Difference of Squares

- solving by factoring
- solving by quadratic formula
- solving by Completing the Square