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MAcalc is a scientific calculator that supports RPN or Algebraic entry mode.

It was the first scientific calculator available for iPhone/iPod touch.

MAcalc application has two independent calculators, an integer calc and a floating point calc.
It also has extensive units conversion capabilities. Conversions can be expanded with downloadable conversions modules.

MAcalc comes with seven different color schemes (Skins) to choose from. New skins can be created and downloaded.

MAcalc quick specs:
- Entry-system: RPN or Algebraic
- Storage arithmetic: (Sto/Rcl +, -, ×, ÷)
- Math: (+, -, ×, ÷, Mod)
- Skins: seven to choose from. Additional skins can be created and downloaded.

Floating point calculator
- FIXed, SCIentific and ENGineering number format
- Functions: pi, 1/x, %, factorial
- Functions: sq root, root n
- Functions: y^x, 10^x, x^2, e^x
- Functions: log, ln, hypotenuse
- Trig funtions: sin, cos, tan, hsin ...
- Trig modes: degrees, radians, grads
- Conversion: polar, retangular
- Conversion: degrees, radians, grads

Integer calculator
- Signed or unsigned operations
- Base conversion (2,10 and 16)
- Selectable word size (8bits, 16bits, 32bits)
- Bit operations: AND, OR, XOR....

Included conversions modules
- Area, Energy, Lenght, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume, Weight

Plase visit MAcalc's home page ( for a complete list of functions and capabilities.
You can also watch a flash movie of MAcalc in action.

If you are looking for a more powerful programable calculator please check MAcalc Pro also on the AppStore.