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黃大仙 WongTaiSin

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"Accede to the demands of Wong Tai Sin," Hong Kong people shun the spoken language, and the sentence of the Wong Tai Sin Temple is the main character, formerly known as Huang Chu-ping, Zhejiang, was born in 328 AD, due to lack of means it is easy to 8-year-old Akamatsu of Jinhua in Zhejiang Shan sheep, after the event Xian Weng their teaching skills, he has great concentration in the cave to practice in 5000, finally get into Zhengguo, immortal. As he has traveled the Quartet, presented the medical application guide people to perform good deeds, countless beneficiaries, the people will follow suit and repair visits to the Yasukuni Shrine. And in the Senate when they pray for those who can be more fulfilled, it should not incense, and also donations flow, with the exception of some to charity, more than used for the expansion of the temple, the southern China into one of the largest Taoist temple, Chuan Hong Kong to be more numerous worshipers, the Hong Kong public incense in the temple of a peak. The whole temple buildings like the Palace Museum in Beijing and Taiwan-made court pavilion, Lvwa red walls, old gas abundant, extraordinary style, with the exception of worship outside the Daisen more dedicated to Kuan Yin, Guan Di, and so on and the Chinese sage Confucius, China set the three Buddhist sects, the Road , In a Confucian.

* Hold the iPhone in your hand, the hearts of meditation, "Daisen Daisen, to spirit."
* Meditation on behalf of themselves or those who seek to sign his actual name, your sex, and your virtual age.
* Meditation you would like to request advice.
* Shake your iPhone !

***Notice:Wongtaisin Only Support Chinese Language!!!



整座祠仿北京故宮建築群而造庭台樓閣,紅牆綠瓦,古氣盎然,氣派非凡,除供奉大仙外更供奉觀音,關帝及中國聖人孔子等,集中國三大教派佛、道、儒於一身。 此廟是外地遊客到港必訪之地,可觀性甚高。

1. 手中拿着iPhone,心中默念「大仙大仙,指點迷津」。
2. 默念自己或代求籤者的真實姓名,信男或信女,虛齡。
3. 默念閣下想請求指點的事情。
4. 摇动iPhone開始抽籤!