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Movie Hangman

iPhone / iPad
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The game:
Movie Hangman is a wild treat for all iPhone and movie lovers alike. This game of guessing movie titles ranges from the romantic to the wild, the comic to the scary, the inspiring to the stylish, the classic, the famous, the not so famous but heart warming and many more. A collection of more than 1000 titles to play from.

How to play:

Unfilled blanks along with the virtual keyboard appear at the onset of the game.
1. Take your guess and if the alphabet is correct it gets filled in the correct blank.

2. If your guess is incorrect a virtual character starts getting hanged and is completely hanged on 10 incorrect tries.

3. You win if you guess the movie before the character gets hanged.

The score is generated and gets added to your existing score only if you complete the game with the correct guess.

Scoring Mechanism:
The scoring is dependent on two factors: The time taken and number of incorrect tries to guess the movie title.

Points earned = Multiplier * Earnings

The multipliers are categorized as 4 for 20 secs or less, 3(30 secs), 2(40 secs), 1(for 50 seconds and above).
If the time taken to solve is less than or equal to 20 seconds, then the multiplier value is 4.

Earnings = 10 - Number of incorrect tries.
For instance, before guessing the answer you get two letters wrong in the process then your earnings will be 10-2=8.

Let me explain through an example:

Consider a game where you finish in 20 seconds(so multiplier will be 4) and the number of incorrect tries are 2 before u get the answer right (so your earnings will be 10-2 = 8), hence your score will be 4*8=32 points.

High Scores Posting and Viewing
To upload your scores click on 'i' at the bottom right of the screen and Click on Upload Score.

It will prompt you to enter your name/alias and email address that you want to save the score with (Note:Your iPhone needs to be connected to the Internet for the same). Click on Done at top right corner to return to the game.

1. Start with the vowels "A, E, I, O, U".
2. If the first word has three letters, there is a high possibility it could be "THE".
3. Even if you haven't seen the movie or heard of it, it is mostly just an English word.

Get other titles of ThoughtString "Movie Star Lite"/"Movie Star Pro" by clicking on the title "ThoughtString" in iTunes for added excitement.