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“Kanji”, which originates hieroglyphic, has been widely used in the East from Ancient age with a very long history.

Especially in Japan, there are three kinds of characters; Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. It is said that Kanji is the most difficult part of learning Japanese language.

This appli is designed for getting acquainted with Kanji. By using touch panel, you can emulate how to write Kanji and also can learn the meaning, pronunciation, the order of strokes, etc. It also has an evaluation function of how well you write Kanji in three different grades.
In addition, you can write characters with brush on canvas in free style mode.
Both reading and meaning of Kanji usually have more than one even in the same Kanji. In our appli, we use the Chinese-style reading of a character (onyomi) in principle. In some Kanji, we use the Japanese-style reading of a character (kunyomi) such as Zen (禅) and Zan(斬).

Also, how to write and read Kanji are based on Japanese language.

Please make your works in public on your blog and SNS since you can save your works in the photo album.

We are very happy if more and more people are interested in Kanji by using this appli.