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e: Making Faces (Free)

iPhone / iPad
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"Making Faces (Free)" is smilies on steroids.

It's something to keep the kids (or you!) busy while you're waiting in a long line. Something to do in a boring meeting. A way to create expressions to go with messages when a smiley just won't do. A way to make fun of your friends and family by creating faces that remind you of them.

Make faces randomly, or make your own face from 50 different parts, shapes and colors. Make a face to match your mood. Make a face to make you laugh. Make a face that reminds you of someone you know. Add a custom caption and you're ready to go. You can even save the face to your photo album, and email it!

From simple shapes to faces with hair and glasses like yours, "Making Faces (Free)" has thousands* of different combinations.

"Making Faces (Free)" makes people of all ages smile. You'll be at the front of that line before you know it.

* NOTE: The full version of Making Faces has many, many more combinations (over a trillion including colors) and no advertising on the saved image. You can download Making Faces directly from Making Faces (Free) when you're ready.

DISCLAIMER! This is gentle, amusing entertainment. If you like hard-hitting, violent, up-all-night, thrilling action games then please do NOT download this app! :)

Formerly called Make a Face.

Reviews from around the world:

from Rdvecdrtsxtcdeshgc, UK

from I love books, UK
Wow - Best thing ever!

from MoniqueMayhemxx, US
I liked it!!!! It's fun, me and my friends always crack up...

from somebody#1023659883, US
... it makes me laugh all the time...

from Rihanna, US
This is so much fun...

from Kiit, UK
Great game, make your own face, from colour, to hair, to eyes, to mouth. Pick anything!!!!!! Did I mention you can edit a speech bubble and you can make your face say what ever you want? Also did I mention that you can save your face on iblah (whatever [device] you use) and use it for things, for example your background. WOW!

from Gijs1gijs, Netherlands
Heel leuk
(Very nice)

from Selon bou, France
A télécharger d'urgence - Super application.
(To download urgently - Super application.)

from Emerald5900, Canada
It's fun to make fun of people by making stupid faces of them. My friends get SO mad at me.