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Round To It

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Please note that this app does not support the larger iPhone 5. There are no plans to add that as that would also cut-off access to users with older devices running 4.2.1 and earlier. The app is not actively being worked at this time.

Lists Features
✓ Multiple List Support
✓ Lists can have sub-lists and sub-lists can have sub-lists
✓ Easily add new sub-lists
✓ Jump to any list or sub-list by tapping the top title bar.
✓ You can backup and restore your lists using the backup to email feature
✓ Choose from over 100 different list icons to represent your lists
✓ Sorting/grouping options available within each list, which is saved for each list.
✓ New send & receive lists feature allows for sending a list directly to another device. See the help section "Send & Receive Lists"

Items and Tasks
✓ 7 day undelete/recover period
✓ Easily move items from one list to another
✓ Email lists or a single task
✓ Tapping an item in a list will allow for setting the priority, progress and due date if it has one.
✓ Items with due dates are referred to as tasks, and everything else is an item
✓ Set a quantity/# of occurrences
✓ Abililty to specify due dates while adding new items using parenthesis.
ex: Pickup new Tablet X (1/27/2010 5:30 PM)
Creates a task, "Pickup new Tablet X" w/ due date of 1/27/2010 @ 5:30 PM

Search View
✓ Search view that allows you to view all of items and tasks.
✓ Filter the search view to a single list and all of it's sub-lists
✓ Slide you finger across an item to jump to that list
✓ Email all tasks that are due
✓ Email all tasks that have a due date

Emailing your lists
✓ Email the list and all of it's sub-lists
✓ Two layout options
✓ Select the fields you want to include
✓ Ability to include a CSV file export (Comma Separated Value)

Other Features
✓ Color Themes (set in the settings area of the app)
✓ Settings for font size, auto-hide input field, sound effects
✓ Notes feature allows you type up notes and turn it into a list or a sub-list of a special list called Note Taker. See the Notes button the first screen.
✓ Round To It Tips, friendly little tips to help expose some of the lesser used/known features of round to it.
✓ New Daily Reminders feature (iOS 4 & up) that displays an alert with the number of tasks past due. Assuming you open the app daily.

What users are saying about Round To It (from iTunes Reviews)
"I am currently using an expensive to do app but seem to be going back to this one every 5 minutes." -SuperLRD Oct 26, 2009
"This is a great little app. Like most of us, I've tried several to do apps. Liked some, hated others. This one is simple, yet very flexible. The ability to use icons to identify lists is very appealing to me as a visual cue. Great job!" - MrJDubb Sep 20, 2009

Review of Round To It

Check out a demo @
Also, look at the Round To It FAQ for how-to video links on youtube

Round To It uses the most current version of the iPhone/iPod touch so make sure you have the latest.