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=== What does it do? ===
This application can promote your image as someone whose time is highly valued and sought after. Consider it a sales tool to manage your image alongside a decent suit and watch, against those whom words, actions, and a good portfolio are not enough.

=== How does it work? ===
The idea is very simple. The program plays the sound of incoming emails to make the people around you think you are receiving a lot of email. You can specify how often you want the sound to play in the settings.

***The program does NOT send or receive any emails, nor does it actually alert you of any incoming emails.***

=== How should I use it? ===
Start the program and set the appropriate speed and volume. Then stick it in your suit, trouser, or jeans pocket and let it run. Important will automatically use the proximity sensor to put the display to sleep when it is your pocket, saving battery life. Then, at some point during your meeting when the alerts have served their purpose, turn the program off (or use the mute switch) and perhaps make a comment on how busy you've been lately. Try to set the volume loud enough to be heard but not loud to the point of annoyance.

Important gives you the option of delaying the barrage of emails you will receive for up to thirty minutes so you can prepare the phone ahead of time.

Finally, Important will save your settings so you can simply start the program whenever you wish without having to configure it.

=== Will it really work? ===
If you accept the idea that image is important in business, then any tool that can help you cultivate your image should be helpful.

=== Who can benefit from this? ===
The program was written specifically for anyone who often finds themselves in business or sales situations, such as sales representatives and freelancers. I've found it particularly useful at trade shows.

=== Additional Information ===
- Choose from a set of five possible speeds

- An option to play a louder alert is offered, useful if you are in a noisy location

- Will continue to run as normal after receiving a phone call or text message

- Does NOT require any network connectivity to function

- The start-up screen is intentionally left blank, except for the button that reveals the settings.

All future updates will be provided free of change.

Please leave any requests for future options as a review.