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Notes+ (WiFi sync with Mac and PC)

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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WiFi Sync with Mac and Windows.
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Notes+ is a notepad application that packs basic features, which are "to create a new note quickly" and "to recall saved notes (to look for them) quickly".
Although this application has a simple operation and simple structure, it has many functions like portrait or landscape mode, copy, security and so on. Depending on how to use, you can use this application to manage the passwords, to keeping a diary with lock and so on.


•Creating a new note quickly, Recall the saved notes quickly
If you can’t create a new note without thinking about the title, the category and so on, the notepad application is not usable though you want to create a new note as soon as possible.
In a list screen, or as editing a saved note, you can create a new note right now with a tap of "+" button.
If you quit "Notes+" during editing or viewing, the last note will be displayed when the application starts next time.
You don’t have to look for the last note every time the application starts.

•Potrait or Landscape Mode
The view is changed with turning around iPhone 90 degrees.
In a landscape mode, you can enter text smoothly with a widespread text area and a widespread keyboard.

You can group each note by the “Category”. It is possible to display the notes grouped by “Category”. You can create and edit a category name freely.

You can search a keyword throughout the full text of the note (incremental search).

You can “Lock” any note. The “Locked” note is hidden, and then locked note will not be shown without unlocking by password. The “Locked” note is sufficient for personal information kept from others, like an important note, passwords, an account number and so on.

You can put your note into the mail application of iPhone and can send it by e-mail. The subject, TO: and CC: will be sent to the mail application if you enter them as the tag.
You can also send all notes together by e-mail.

You can duplicate the full text of each note. You can save a time to enter words from the beginning if you create some fixed sentences.
With duplicating a note before editing, you can get the same result as the function of undoing or redoing.
You don’t have to choose the e-mail address from your address book every time you put the note into the fixed e-mail form if you create the note with some tags for e-mail.

•Size of Font
You can change the font into 3 levels by tapping the one-touch button of toolbar.