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Dreamer's Log

iPhone / iPad
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Leave Dreamer's Log running during the night and it will pick up what you say when you wake up from your dream! No need to reach for a pen and paper or even reach for your iPhone... just start talking when you wake up and Dreamer's Log will start recording!

Although many people do not remember their dreams, the average person has 4-6 dreams per night. Generally you will only remember a dream if you are awakened during it, and then that memory will start to fade fast. Here's how Dreamer's Log helps you record and analyze these fleeting memories:

Load the Dreamer's Log application before bed and hit the Sleep! button. You are then brought to a screen that displays the current sound levels in the room. Adjust the Sound Threshold slider above the ambient room noise, but below the levels indicated when you talk. Only sounds louder than the Sound Threshold will be recorded for later analysis.

After you are satisfied with your Sound Threshold, hit the Go To Bed button and set your iPhone on a nearby nightstand or desk. Dreamer's Log will now record you as you describe your dreams throughout the night. Be sure to speak up!

In the morning, take your iPhone out of sleep mode, and hit the Wake Up button. You are then brought to a list of all your dream logs. Select the bottom one (the most recent), and start sorting through what Dreamer's Log picked up last night.

Any sound louder than the Sound Threshold will be saved as a Disruption. If you set your Sound Threshold correctly, these disruptions will be recordings of your voice as you described the dreams you were having. Play and categorize each disruption as the type of dream it was, or mark it as not a dream. Listen and analyze your dreams as to your hearts content!

Tap into your subconscious knowledge and start to remember your dreams! Store up to a month's worth of audio dream descriptions.

***Note: If you have a iPod Touch, the microphone attachment is REQUIRED for this application to work.