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A Shot in the Dark (Zombie & Vampire Shooting Game)

iPhone / iPad
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For entertainment purposes only!

Battle zombies, bats and rats in an all out auditory experience using the device's audio abilities mixed with the touchscreen's interactivity. If you like Silent Hill, this is a perfect fear-packed scary addition!

See how many zombies you can fend off before becoming infected yourself with their deadly and mysterious virus. Kill 15 zombies in a row for a coveted Zombie Killing Spree award along with a special bonus like a limited shotgun, flare, or bomb.

Listen to the side they're attacking you on, and touch that side of the screen (or the middle if you feel they're there). Touch the top of the screen to shoot a bat, touch the middle to shoot a zombie, and the bottom for a rat.

Shoot one zombie with a shotgun and every zombie on that side is taken out in one shot. Talk about power, use it wisely though, it's limited to 7 shots before being returned to your pistol.

Can't defend the zombies and need a break from the zombieriffic horror? If you win the flare bonus, just shake your device to ignite a lifesaving flare which scares off all zombies for a short while... giving your thumbs the needed break from your bloody rampage.

Being overtaken by two rats, a blood thirsty bat, and another pizza hungry zombie? If you have the bomb bonus after a killing spree, just shake your device to light the fuse on a bomb that does just what bombs do. Kill all zombies.

BONUS Save One Bullet Mode
Like a challenge? How about a really hard challenge? Try Save One Bullet mode to get 20 pistol bullets, and nothing else to defend yourself for however long as possible. Reach a Zombie Killing Spree and you get 15 more, but caution, it takes 15 direct hits to get to the next spree... so every bullet counts and the zombies get more and more hungry as the game goes on. Make sure to read the game play tips to survive!

Use a pair of headphones with the game. You'll want to hear which side to shoot on. Plus, Calibrate your headphones easily, on the home screen click the left or right side of the screen to hear a scary zombie vampire noise on your left or right ear.


We recommend downloading and installing the application through iTunes for a perfect installation.