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Eight House Feng Shui also named Eight Mansions Feng Shui is one of the easier and more popular methods used to determine the good and bad locations of a dwelling, to analyse whether you are compatible with the house and to find out your favourable and unfavourable personal directions that promote productivity at work and in relationships, foster good health and successful academic pursuits.

There are many aspects to Eight House Feng Shui which has sophisticated formulae for recognising sha (dangerous) qi (Ch'i) from any given direction, observing bad land structure in specific location based on the house trigram and Eight House Water Method to name but a few.

The easiest form is calculating your own Life Gua number according to the year you are born thus identifying your four favourable and four unfavourable directions as well as identifying your house trigram and locating the four auspicious and four inauspicious locations within your home.

In Eight House Feng Shui, a dwelling is divided into nine palaces (sectors), one being in the centre and eight of which correspond to the eight magnetic directions. These palaces are north, south, east, west (cardinal directions), northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest (inter-cardinal directions).
Each of the eight magnetic directions holds a different kind of qi (energy) which will influence the respective palace and the person living in it either favourably or unfavourably. In other words, the harmonics of the qi from a given direction can be in
harmony or out of tune to the harmonics of your own life Gua.

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八宅风水是一套相当系统的理气方法,它把圆周分为东方、南方、西方、北方、东北方、东南方、西南 方、西北方八各方位,不用更细的方位化分,故称为八宅风水。 先定一宅坐向,一般有正门的宅子以正门方向为向,相反方向为坐,如坐北朝南,北为坎,称为坎宅。没有正门的宅子定坐向比较复杂,可根据周围环境,房屋布局等定。如一方有山,对面方向有开阔地,

则山的方向为坐向,开阔地方向为朝向。根据坐向可以把住宅分为东四宅与西四宅,乾坤艮兑为西四宅 ,坎离震巽为东四宅。坐向定好后定门向。站在一宅正中心,把圆周分为八方,大门在何方位则为何门 。门的基本原则是东四宅开东四门,西四宅开西四门,反之则凶。这样就定出了一宅吉凶。更细的论断 是用伏位、天医、生气、延年四吉星和五鬼、绝命、祸害、六煞四凶星来定吉凶。


凡購買八字,姓名,奇門遁甲,八宅任意一套軟體的客戶(注意軟體必須是YiXian Inc出品),都可以免費得到一次中國姓名大師十分鐘電話的姓名分析,不敢自吹百分百准,但是這十分鐘能讓你對中國傳統文字刮目相看,原來姓名還可以包含人生百態。詳情可以EMAIL諮詢。