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QBeez are back and Remixed for fun!
Red together, blue together, green together... QBeez just love to clear together!

QBeez, the puzzle game with personality, has returned fully revamped and remixed.

Match groups of two or more colored QBeez on your way to making a perfect clear.
• Rotate your device, they drop and turn.
• Shake your device to shuffle the board!
• Swipe left and right to slide the QBeez side to side.
• Swipe up and the whole board flips.
Don't leave any Singlez, or face the heart-wrenching cries when these adorable little cubes are left without a match. QBeez reminds us all that it is hip to be square!

Major changes in this update.

• Uses Unity Ads and offers In-App Purchasing for consumable items
• Large QBeez that are twice the size of regular QBeez
• Previous version repeated the same 10 levels and never used more than 5 colors. The new version has over 200 unique levels with up to six colors with more levels and unique QBee types coming soon.
• Shuffles are now a limited resource. Fans of classic QBeez will recall that they were not always unlimited. This release is bringing that back. We’ve added an option to earn more shuffles along the way.
• Boomz are a new power item for QBeez mobile. You’re gonna need them to remove any Single QBeez you leave behind.
• Single QBeez (or Singlez) cannot be left behind or you will cannot beat a level with a Perfect Clear.
• Perfect Clears are now the only way to continue. In the past crying QBeez without a match could be left behind while the game kept on going. Turns out, they didn’t like that at all. Now leaving singles behind will cost you a Heart.
• Heartz. QBeez is all about the Heartz now. If you lose a level you will also lose a Heart. Lose all of your Heartz and it’s game over. We’ve added the option to earn more Heartz when you do.
• To balance it all out we’ve added a brand new control: Swiping. Swipe Left, Right and Up for control over the grid like never before. Re-order QBeez into massive groups or just get a handful together.


• Swipe Left and Right to slide the QBeez around.
• Swipe Up to flip the entire board.
• Rotate your device to change the direction QBeez fall.
• 4 Modes: Timed, Points, Moves and the Casual. All with one goal: Clear the Board.
• 8 different board sizes
• 15 unique QBeez characters, including Chickenz!
• Dynamic layouts for every play through keeps the game fresh and compelling
• Engaging sounds, voice and music tracks
• Gamecenter Leaderboard
• Shake to remix the board when you are out of moves or just feeling lucky.
• Introducing… Boomz!!! Use these to clear out any Single QBeez you might leave behind. Or you can use them to remove an entire color from the level at any time.


Important Message for Parents
This game may include:
- Advertising through fullscreen Unity Ads for products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.


PLAYER REVIEWS for past version:

"I think it may be better than the original. The options of turning the device in any direction really enhances play. Also shaking to shuffle is so much fun." - lenpia

"This game is so fun! I've had the computer version for quite a while and love it. This game translates perfectly to iphone/itouch - like it was originally made for these devices! I highly recommend it. Great for all ages." - Karen P.

"Best .99 ever. Forget the McChickin!" -DrySpyder