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Virtual Ninja

iPhone / iPad
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  • Simulation
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Virtual Ninja lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch to transform yourself into a ninja.

See Virtual Ninja in action!

Check out the YouTube demo video on the support page - or search YouTube for "virtual ninja demo."

By tracking your movement through your device's accelerometer, it determines what method of ninja attack corresponds to your motions. Use your special Ninja Powers to access a total of ten different attacks.

Virtual Ninja is not just a sound effects generator. It's a real game offering three distinct modes of play.

One Player Mode (Timed)
You have 60 seconds to demonstrate your elite Ninja skills. You will be scored on both number of hits landed and your use of Ninja Powers.

Two Player Mode (Duel)
Take on an opponent in a real-life mock ninja fight! Choose to play either White Ninja or Black Ninja. The referee will declare which player has won and which must concede.

Note: Two player mode requires two iPhones or iPods each with their own copy of Virtual Ninja.

Free Play
Make your crazy ninja moves and Virtual Ninja will provide the soundtrack.


- For best results, hold your device in your right hand with the volume control facing away from you.

- Thrust forward or back to attack with your fists.

- Swipe left or right to attack with your sword.

- Quickly raising or lowering your device activates your special Ninja Powers. When your ninja flashes, the next move you make will inflict massive damage!

- Perfecting your ninja skills requires practice and patience! If you are having problems, slow down and focus on your form. Use smooth fluid movements as opposed to swinging wildly.

- See the demo video on the support page for examples of many of Virtual Ninja's moves.

Playing this game can be physically demanding. Excessive game play may result in injury. If you find yourself feeling strained, discontinue play immediately.

Failure to hold on to your iPhone or iPod tightly while playing may result in you inadvertently throwing and damaging it or other property.

The creator of Virtual Ninja cannot be held liable for any damages brought about by either of the above or other scenarios.