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  • Medical
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AidHealth is an application to record your daily health parameters such as Weight(BMI), Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Calorie, Heart Rate and memo.
You can check your history by graphs and lists.

Detailed record target
1. Weight
You can also set the target weight(for diet).
AidHealth display the history with target weight and average weight in the graph.
2. Body fat
3. Blood pressure (two value as morning and evening with systolic / diastolic)
4. Body temperature
5. Calorie intake
6. Calorie burns
7. Activity (3 kind of activities)
8. Heart rate (No graph view in current version)
9. Multi line Memo(200characters)
10. Photo

And you can check other calculated value as below.

- Basal Metabolism(BM) value
- Body Mass Index(BMI) value
- Detail information of BMI calculation
- Targeted BMI & BodyFat.
- Displaying the line of weight for next and previous BMI.
ex) If your BMI was 20, displaying weight of BMI 19 and 21 on the graph
- Recommended limitation about calorie intake.
- Average line of each health parameters.
- Body age


! AidHealth can have several accounts they are protected by own password up to 10 in your iPhone.
So you can hold entire family's health in one iPhone.
*** If you don't set the password, password check function will not work.
! You can export/import records between Google documents.
! You can send sepecific memo via e-mail with photo from applicatoin.


- Recording and managing health parameters up to 1500[days/user].
- Display the history(list) view with weight and body fat per specific term.
- Display the graph for each parameters with average line per specific term.
- Easy to entry, list and revise the records.

Function as below will be implemented in near future.

Future Version:
- For women users, it will support managing menstrual cycle, menstrual cycle and basal body temperature.
- Supporting rotation the graph.
- Forecasting future weight from history.
- Supporting input the calorie information by selecting food / calorie table.
- Recording the history of food menu.
- Providing some free defined parameter by user.