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Dialpad is a smart dialer. It makes easy to search your contacts and make phone calls from your iPhone. You can search for contact details by entering keywords on a nine-digit keypad, make a phone call or send a text message, or make changes to your contact list.

To search for a contact, simply type the numbers that correspond to the characters in the keyword. For example, to search 'Apple', just type'27753'. The contacts that contain the character combinations will appear on the top of the screen. Scroll up and down to find the right contact, or keep typing to narrow down your search. Click on your choice to display the list of numbers stored under the contact, then make a phone call or send a text message (if the 'text messaging 'option is turned on in the preferences). You can edit a contact by clicking on the blue arrow button next to the name. Any changes made in Dialpad will be reflected and stored in your built-in Contacts app. You can also dial a number directly from the keypad.

Press the 'star' button to bring out the Favorite Contacts view. You can add contacts to the list, arrange their order, or delete any contact. Like a speed dial function, the feature allows you to quickly access contact into for your friends and family, or any frequently dialed numbers. When pressing the 'call' button before any input, you will get the list of recent calls made via Dialpad. This enables you to easily redial the numbers. To erase all input, hold down the 'backspace' key for one second.

Set your preference by clicking the 'i' info button. You can choose how to display and sort the search results, and whether to prompt for text messaging when a number is selected.