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Now you can get the skill to detect the eyes movements
in order to improve your communication

The eyes movement detection strategy was popularized in seminars and books dedicated to teaching the Neuro-Ling¸Ìstic Programming communication techniques. Also, you may have seen this skill in any some hollywood or tv movie production, for example, asking a suspicious about the crime scene (CSI). The main point is that you can improve the result of your communication with others. You can use it at work, friends, family... or when you are trying to meet new people.

When one person is accessing information in his brain, moves his eyes in a determined direction related with the kind of information he is reaching or elaborating. Maybe he is remembering or maybe creating new information, based on images, sounds and sensations. He will use this information to take decisions.

Knowing how to detect the eyes movement you can give information to the others in a better way to get an agreement or understanding better what is important to the others when they take a decision.

When you know which kind of information uses the other person you can elaborate your proposition in the most suitable ìchannel and formatî, but the first step is being able to detect the eyes movements with no effort and acting as naturally as possible.

Eyes Moves allows you to improve your skill to detect the eyes movement of others and discover which kind of information they are using. You can select different number of chained movements and speed in order to customize the level or your training sessions.

You can get more information about the principles and benefits of the eyes movement detection strategy in our support site and other sites dedicated to the NLP strategies.