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Moon Map Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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"Moon Map Pro continues to be one of my most-used apps."
– Rod Mollise, Contributing Editor, Sky & Telescope, March 2015.

This app has two sets of maps. The first one covers most of the nearside and contains about 1200 named lunar formations. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter maps cover the whole Moon: over 8000 names, including lettered craters. You can toggle between maps using Map button.

To view a map click on a map number in the scrollable index map. You can scroll around the map and mirror and rotate it. You can zoom in and out by pinching. You can also zoom in by double tap and zoom out by two-finger tap.

Tap Search button to select a name from a list. Over 1800 lunar formations included. Lunar coordinates are in coordinate frame LOLA 2011.

On iPhone screen 1 mm is about 3 km on the moon with maximum zoom. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter maps: on iPhone screen 1 mm is about 1.3 km on the moon with maximum zoom.

Map numbering system is from Lunar Astronautical Charts (LAC).

You can see current data (e.g. terminator) and in calculations view you can see data backward and forward in time.