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Hold'em Odds Quizzer

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Take challenging odds tests to improve your understanding of Texas Hold'em odds.

*** Pay once and enjoy forever ***
No in-app purchases/fees.
Continual improvement (7+ years).

"... extremely easy and fun to use ... excellent way to quiz your understanding of equity situations ... This can really improve your pre- and post-flop play and is a no-brainer $1.99 investment."

"Although there are a ton of poker iPhone applications available in the iTunes store, none are focused on actually making the user a better poker player.  Enter applications developed by PokerCruncher ..."

Many more great reviews on our TwoPlusTwo forum thread, and by poker experts, pros, and coaches.
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Re. Okilo8’s review on the U.S. App Store:

“I noticed one error (gave an open ended straight flush draw with one flush card blocked 14 outs instead of 16).”

You are in error, not the app. Player1: 7d7h, Player2: 9s8s, Flop: Ts7s2c. You’re double-counting two of Player2’s outs (Js and 6s, which are both Flush outs and Straight outs).

“It also needs more than 70 problems.”

Most of the questions in this app have two variations/situations so there are actually 100+ problems. Anyway, this app is more about quality than quantity. The questions/situations in this app are carefully chosen and cover the important situations we’ll encounter in actual play very well, maybe even better than programs with thousands of random and less important situations. That’s more of a “trainer” mindset; this app is an intelligent quizzer, providing specific explanations for each question. Quality over quantity.

First take our quick 10-question general assessment quiz. Then go deeper and take our pre-flop, post-flop, basic, and advanced quizzes. The quizzes cover common and important pre-flop and post-flop situations involving made hands and draws and random hands that you'll encounter frequently in actual play.

Then for even more of a challenge, take our hand ranges and multi-player quizzes (pre-flop and post-flop). Poker is a game of incomplete information; we can almost never put our opponents on specific cards. We have to put them on ranges of hands (e.g. "I think he has AA or KK or AK") and make odds estimates based on incomplete information.

* Quizzes you on dozens of common and important situations/scenarios.
* Basic and advanced situations/scenarios, with specific hands and random hands and hand ranges, two-player and multi-player.
* Shows you the questions in random order, times you, and shows you the correct answers.
* Explains the players' outs and counter-outs and runner-runner outs, for post-flop questions.
* Gives you an A+ ... F grade for each quiz, and a score, and saves all of your grades and scores inside the app.
* Outs Chart.
* Pre-Flop Odds Chart for common pre-flop matchups.
* Odds Tutorial - explains "equity", "outs", and more.
* Copy any question’s scenario and import into our PokerCruncher app to examine further.

See where your odds knowledge currently stands ... See if you can improve and get all A's ...

There's much more to poker than just knowing the odds of course, and you don't need to know the odds to 1% accuracy to be a good player. But you could be off far enough on your odds estimates for some important situations to make a difference. We believe the odds are the foundation and are worth mastering; we hope you think so too.

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