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My Brain Power+

iPhone / iPad
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"My Brain Power+" helps users find out their brain ages and improve short term memory.

Every iPhone user knows about her/his age, but how old is her/his brain?

This iPhone application trains users to memorize the music notes, numbers, shapes, and images in 1-2 seconds and repeat their positions on iPhone screen.

It helps users ( including kids) to concentrate on music, shapes, numbers and math. Our study shows that users' short term memory improves greatly after playing this game a few times a week.

1. The game is updated to have 18 levels as many users requested. Each level has 7 challenges, and each challenge has 8 questions.

2. Challenges include:
- Music notes replay.
- Shapes.
- Numbers, math addition, multiplication,float;
- Images to count animal legs (Spider has 8 legs?)
- Images of reading clocks;
- Audio sound for numbers;
- Pi : 3.1415926...
3. The last 2 levels help users memorize 40 digits of " Pi: 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971".

4. The game's secret message is displayed at level 11.
5. Users can advance or seek different levels.
6. Current game level is saved on exit for restore.
7. Multiple background images with soft color are applied for eye protection.
8. Users can play each level, find how old the brain is, and can keep practicing to get younger brain age.
9. Chart of brain age history. Users can find out how much the short memory has improved.
10. Improved images and musics added.
11. Mini piano adds more fun to the game.

脑龄测试。 提高短期记忆力。