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Anti Mosquito 3.1

iPhone / iPad
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* The Best and most advanced Anti Mosquito app ever made!

Anti Mosquito app must be working in sleep mode, and protecting our kids' hearing. It's the most important thing for this kind of app.

Compare other mosquito apps before purchase, please.

This app is the original and the one and only app supporting sleep mode which saves your device's battery power and it keeps working even though your iphone is locked!

Also, this is the only app caring Kids. Using Kids-Safe mode with speakers, you can protect your Kids' hearing.

Your own music can be played with Anti Mosquito sounding.

Timer is useful, too.

With the newest version, iPod Music Library is included inside the app, so you can make your own playlist to play with Anti Mosquito sounding.

# We never made 'Anti Mosquito Pro'. It is not our product. Please be careful.

" I had to stop my daily walks because of mosquitoes. Now I am walking again and watching the mosquitoes veer away as if I had a shield around me. No bites!!"
★★★★★ by NerdNurse

" I'm surprised it was this cheap! this app not only drove away mosquitos, it drove away other annoying flies and even ants couldn't stand it. I love this app!"
★★★★★ by Atkid891

"Worked very well at 4th of July mini-golf trip. Mosquito were thick in NJ that night.. tried another app that did nothing, then tried this one and it cleared up the problem pretty well."
★★★★★ by forty2j

"I went to a camping trip with my church and saw many mosquitos in the cabin so I tried this app bland after a while they were all gone It's so amaZing!"
★★★★★ by Dc4uxp


* Working in sleep mode, you can lock the device, it just keeps working. Anti Mosquito is the only mosquito app can work in sleep mode.
* Supporting fluctuation mode. Turn it on in preference. You won't even recognize it's working.
* Kids-Safe mode. Turn it on in preference. Kids and people who have good years won't be annoyed by using it around them.
* You can press home button twice to play your own music as background.

# External Speaker is needed for using Fluctuation and Kids-Safe mode.

Anti-Mosquito produces sound in the range of 16000Hz to 20000Hz that is beyond the audible range of humans.

But mosquitos and other harmful insects can hear the sound from Anti-Mosquito. Even though you cannot hear the sound, it is so painful to them that mosquitos cannot be around you.

Since 1.0.1 update,

Anti Mosquito keeps generating sounds while the device is locked.(in sleep mode).
So you do not need to change your sleep mode setting, and can save both battery life and screen life of the device.

Since 1.0.5 update,

<< Fluctuation Mode >>

If Fluctuation-mode is turned on, Anti-Mosquito adjusts the volume level when frequency is being changed. So you cannot hear the clicking sounds.

An external speaker is required for 1st generation iPod Touch to use the Anti-Mosquito.
iPhone and 2nd generation iPod Touch with external speakers will be more effective.

<< Kids-Safe mode >>

Kids and some young people who have good ears can hear some part of high pitch frequency, and they can be annoyed with the sounds. If Kids-Safe mode is turned on, Anti Mosquito will force itself to not only Fluctuation mode but also get rid of the part they can hear. It will be helpful when you use Anti Mosquito around kids and those people who have young ears.

- How To Use?
For the best result, you need an external speaker to connect with your device. If you can hear nothing when you're using Kids-mode or Fluctuation mode with the speaker then it is good to use.