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iPhone / iPad
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Picker, Motion sensor, Color folder, etc. can perform memo, note, ToDo, Web
search, etc. joyfully by fully using the features of iPhone and iPod touch.

Only by turning Picker, you can understand the contents of the note quickly.

If a folder is used well:
Private one and business can be displayed separately.
A folder can be used as an easy secret folder.
Although it is a simple structure, it has various uses.

The display of the folder has 2 options:
"Only one favorite folder is displayed"
"All the folders is displayed"
In addition to the display of folder, you can choose independently the
display and un-display of texts other than folder.

There is also the function of "3QW" as a feature of this software.
By inclining iPhone and iPod in right and left and the center, "3QW" divides
the keyboard of qwerty three and reappears. And this new letters input
method inputs alphabetic letters by 9 big buttons. Therefore, it is very
easy to operate, because the alphabetic letters buttons are not small.
* This function is the simple function which can perform letters input,
enjoying it.
The input of a text supports only the input from the beginning of a sentence
or the end of a sentence.
A caret is not displayed.
Japanese cannot be inputted by 3QW.

Let's become happy, using this software joyfully, in the business and

-How to input the text-
When using usual keyboard, please tap on the text field.
When using 3QW, please tap on the [3QW] button under a screen.

-The hints in the case of using as ToDo-
Please choose the simultaneous display of texts other than any folder.
Please use the text other than the folder as an unprocessed one. And use the
text in the folder as a processed one.

-About Web search-
When search word begins from "http" or "www,” it is interpreted as URL.