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You, Suzy, Sarah, and Renee went to lunch. Suzy just had a salad for $3.95. Sarah, Renee, and you each ordered a $7.95 lunch special and a $1.75 drink. The check shows the subtotal is $33.05 and the total is $35.36. You all feel a tip of about 15% is appropriate. You are going to pay with a credit card and Suzy, Sarah and Renee will give you what they owe. How much does each of them have to give you? What tip and total will you put on the credit card receipt? Round each person's share up to the nearest $0.25. Don't forget to add tax and tip to each person's portion. See below for answer.

We've seen no other tip calculator that can answer this fairly simple question.

LunchMath is a unique tip calculator program. It gives you more flexibility than any other tip calculator we've seen! We introduced LunchMath Lite to give you a taste of our full version of LunchMath. After using LunchMath Lite you will see the distinction between LunchMath and all other tip calculators. The most important difference is the addition of the Adjust fields. It is a rare occurrance for several people to go out to eat and have all of their meals cost similar amounts. If the meals cost similar amounts people may not mind simply splitting the bill. When the amounts are greatly different, and the same people are always the ones ordering the more expensive meals you need to be able to split the bill fairly. The LunchMath Adjust fields allow you to make these adjustments.

This Lite version of LunchMath has some limitations over the full version. You may find that you rarely need the additional functionality the full version offers. If that is the case we are happy to have you use the Lite version forever.

The limits of the Lite version are:

• You can only split the bill up to four ways.
• You can only adjust one person's meal instead of up to four.
• You cannot turn rounding off.
• The tip can only be set between 15% and 25%.

This version of LunchMath Lite will show you how superior our product is over other tip calculators and that the full version is well worth the small cost and could easily save you the cost of the product in one sitting.

If you have any questions about LunchMath or LunchMath Lite please contact us and let us know what you think.

Answer to the above question: See image at left. Sarah, Renee (and You) each owe $12.00. Suzy owes you $5. You should put down $5.64 for the tip and $41 for the total on the credit card slip. LunchMath Lite easily calculates all of this for you. The full version of LunchMath can do even more!