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Lip Service

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Lip Service is a delightfully amusing app that gives you the hilarious power to make anyone say anything you want them to!

Take or select a picture of someone’s face. Then pick a set of lips to match your intentions. Drag, scale, and rotate them into place with a couple quick touches and pinches. Click the record button and say whatever you want your subject to say, in just the right tone or silly voice.

Now the good part. Click the play button. Those lips move with your voice-over! Woah. Your subject is speaking the words back at you. You sit back as the grin splashes across your face. Now you begin to see the possibilities. About a hundred other things they could say pop into your head. Good, silly fun follows. And wasn’t having fun a big part of why you plunked down your hard-earned cash for that slick little mobile device (besides to show it off)?

Ah, but it gets better. Cleverness like yours needs to be shared, not kept to yourself! Click that share button, select one or more of your contacts, and send it out. Your friend (family member, soon-to-be-girlfriend, bitter-enemy) gets an email with a link to a web page that has magically reassembled your photo, voice, and animation. Now that grin you are wearing is spreading…

Try Lip Service for:

Breaking the ice
Sending a Happy Birthday message
Getting out of the dog house
Getting into the dog house
Cheering up a sick friend
Getting the last word in
Making your boss say how much he respects and admires your work
Getting sent home when your boss hears what you really made him say
Adding some life to a dull party
Breaking up in a bitter and childish way with your significant other
Helping your dad forget what time you came in last night
Embarrassing that big, mean kid on the back of the bus

Disclaimer: Deepwell Software disavows all responsibility for any trouble you get into with this app. On the other hand, we will happily share in the credit for every chuckle, giggle, smirk, and guffaw that it may bring you. No lips were harmed in the making of this application.

PLEASE NOTE: This application requires an external microphone to work on an iPod touch! (Apple will happily sell you one).