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iWoopi Cushion: Advanced Fart Machine

iPhone / iPad
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  • Entertainment
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iWoopi has arrived. We know it has been a long wait, but the KILLER app for iPhone has arrived! Seriously, you may just die from the laughter that this app has been known to cause.

The Whoopee Cushion has been around for years. The simple classic fart toy that we all know and love is now officially history! Enter iWoopi, the fart weapon of the future. iWoopi takes the classic fart toy to a whole new level of entertainment. It's the one and only flatulence app that uses all the features of the iPhone/iPod Touch including GPS, Accelerometers, and Multi-Touch to give you the ultimate in entertainment fart weaponry. Welcome to the future of funny. Enjoy the ride.

Quick start guide:
To re-inflate simply give your device a shake or pinch the iWoopi Cushion with two fingers.
To detonate simply touch the iWoopi Cushion or use one of the advanced features listed below.

iWoopi Features:
-Splat: Classic Woopee action. Fart away to your hearts content.

-Time Bomb: Allows you to choose when fart will go off. Set anywhere between 0 -999 secs. You can even LOCK your phone and the iWoopi will still go off as planned. Some call this the perfect weapon.

-Proximity: Allow you to set WHERE the fart will go off. You can set a point anywhere on planet earth. Once your victim returns to that point iWoopi is detonated. This is a first in fart weapons technology, use wisely.

-Landmine: Just like it sounds. Use landmine to make sure that your nosy friend never picks up your iPhone again. Once landmine is armed, the next time it is touched, moved, or picked up iWoopi will detonate to great surprise of the offending party.

-Settings: Allows you to pick from one of 4 fart noises, or you can setting it to "r" for random.


Time Bomb: Simply set the time with the up and down arrow, then click the green check mark to start the timer. Once the timer starts you can adjust the volume specifically for timebomb with the side volume controls on your device.

Proximity: Once your device has a strong GPS signal simply click the green check mark. This sets the detonation point. You must now move at least 100ft away in order to arm the device. Once you see the "Armed" warning the device is armed and ready to go. iWoopi will detonate as soon as you return to the position you previously set.

Landmine: Simply click the green check mark to begin the arming process. You will now have 5 seconds to set the device down so it is totally still. Once the device is armed the screen will turn black. IWoopi will detonate as soon as the accelerometers sense any movement.

Usage notes:
In all modes besides Time Bomb, the device must remain unlocked in order to function correctly. This is a limitation of the device, not iWoopi itself.

iPhone 3G REQUIRED for the Proximity feature.

This application is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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