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GlitterCamera is an application that will make photos gorgeously decorated.

While your GlitterCamera is charged, your mind is also charged.

Please enjoy photos with various illuminations.

Since it is possible to start up while you are listening to the music on iPod, it might be good to match
the song with Christmas at this time of the year.
Illuminations will stand out.

・ Main features
You can draw illuminations on the image.
Two illumination patterns will be displayed in turn.
You can choose almost unlimited colors. (It is really easy to choose.)
Saving function.
Clock display.

・ Operating method
-Title screen-
Picture: take pictures.
Album: select from album
Load: read the data previously saved and move to waiting mode. (It is also possible to edit the data.)
-Main screen-
Shake: open the menu.
Determine color and contrast from color table.
Determine second color likewise.
Switching from first color to second color will be determined by the color samples at right corner on the color table.
Determine the size of illumination and the speed of pattern change.
Please set up with reference to the illumination preview at the bottom of color samples.
Undo function for only one time.
Saving function (three images and illuminations can be saved.)

・ Note:
Automatic sleep function is off.
We recommend using this application while charging.