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uShutup - Hangup Excuse

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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We've all been in a phone conversation where we want it to end but the other person just keeps talking. We've all wanted to tell the other person to shutup and end the conversation. We've all wanted a way to hang up the phone with a legitimate excuse. Now, with uShutup, you can create a legitimate excuse any time you feel that you're trapped in a never ending phone conversation.

With uShutup, all you have to do is play one of the 26 legitimate excuses to get off of the phone. Smoke alarm going off? The police after you? What about a group of angry dogs chasing after you? All of this and more is packed within uShutup. There are 8 different sound categories and 3 or 4 different sound options within each category. Each of these sounds have been optimized to sound the best when played over the phone

Sound categories included in uShutup:
- Static
- Wind
- Door Bell
- Siren
- Gun Shots
- Smoke Alarm
- Dog Barking
- Phone Ringing

uShutup includes the following features:
- 3 or 4 different sound options for each of the 8 sound categories (for a total of 26 sounds).
- A play/stop button to control the sound.
- A repeat button - ANY sound can be seamlessly repeated, although some sounds are better repeated than others.
- Your sound options are saved when you exit, so you don't have to change to your favorite sound option while on the phone.
- Designed to allow for the status bar and current call time to be displayed at the top.

1. Turn on the speaker phone (while in a conversation)
2. Press the home button
3. Open uShutup
4. Make sure your phone's silence switch is off
5. Turn the volume all the way up
6. Select appropriate sound and sound option
7. Play uShutup and use the excuse to end your conversation

Note for iPod Touch users:
You can still use this app, you'll just have to hold your headphones/speakers up to the phone while playing the sound.

I will continuously be updated uShutup, for any questions/suggestions please email