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Once you are done with the farts and flatulence it's time for the next iPhone revolution. Back for it's 10 year anniversary!

iToilet is the first fully (well almost fully) functional toilet for the iPhone. iToilet includes 22 ultra-realistic toilet/bathroom sound effects such as "Bean Burrito", "Drank Too Much" and "Like a Race Horse.

Don't like to go to the in-law's house? iToilet to the rescue! The next time you are there, excuse yourself to the restroom, and fire up the "Bean Burrito" sound effect. The odds are you will never get invited over again!

Does the wife want you to go shopping with her? iToilet to the rescue again! Just run to the restroom, and select the "Drank Too Much" sound effect. Voila, home alone!

Also included, are over 30 interesting toilet/bathroom facts and statistics, so that you have some reading to do the next time you go to the bathroom.


- 22 ultra-realistic toilet/bathroom sound effects

- Clean easy to use interface

- Interactive toilet seat

- Interactive flusher

- Plunger for when the toilet gets clogged

- Interactive sink scene with hand dryer, etc.

- Over 30 interesting facts and statistics

- Stop button to stop sound effect

- Air freshener