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Beam your business card info (vCard) to other people.

myCard was successfully launched at Macworld 2009 and has become one of the most widely used business apps and the most popular vCard exchange program in the App Store.

myCard marks the beginning of the "Missing Apps" series of "Must Have" apps for your iPhone from

We set out to develop a contact sharing application that is lightweight, fast, secure, does not require you to create an online account, works without wi-fi, and is extremely easy to use.

Visit our website for a video of myCard in action.

myCard has two simple methods to quickly and securely share your contact information:

• Beam myCard (iPhone/iPod Touch to iPhone/iPod Touch over the Internet): Used when the receiving device has myCard installed. Tell the recipient a short code to type in, and your card arrives in seconds via secure connection. The recipient can easily return a card in the same step.

• Email myCard (using vCard): Delivers your card as an industry-standard vCard to anyone who does not have myCard (or even an iPhone). The recipient simply adds your vCard attachment to their own address book (whether using iPhone-based email, or practically any other email system, mobile or desktop). You do not even need to have mail set up on your iPhone or iPod Touch for this method to work.

New! - myCard Free, the free companion product to myCard. It's a receive-only app that allows you to accept cards from a full version owner. You can even return your card to a myCard owner, provided the beam is initiated from the paid version. (The free version cannot email a vCard or initiate a transfer.) Just search for myCard Free in the app store.

Features & Benefits – Full Version

• You choose which card to beam and it will remember the last card you sent. This makes it quick and easy to send your card again, with no retyping.

• iPhones can use this anywhere on the cellular network, without wi-fi.

• Select which parts of your card to beam with a simple tap. For instance, leave off personal information such as your mobile phone or notes if you don't want those shared.

• Choose your own "skin" to personalize the application. Simply assign any image/photo in your Photo Album (for example, download a fun image from an iPhone wallpaper site) or choose a different color background to show off your personality.

• Secure and simple pass-code interface to protect your information during the transfer. Beam mode uses end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption. Email is uploaded using SSL/TLS.

• Seamless integration with the standard Contacts app interface makes myCard familiar and easy to use. Just select which card is yours (or the one you want to send) and beam it.

• Card can include any photo or image attached to your contact card.

• Preview and approve before sending. Edit, or add a note while receiving.

We strongly encourage any feedback to help us improve our software; just use the support link below. We are constantly improving and updating each application with fixes and feature enhancements. For more information about myCard, and our other iPhone applications, please visit our web site.

Please Note - many of the negative reviews posted on the App Store are out of date (we hope Apple finds a way to remedy this), as we have responded to issues immediately and have addressed all reported bugs and concerns.

Privacy Note - We do not keep any records of who you are beaming your vCard to. We also do not keep any personal information unless you decide to register your copy of the app.