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Activate: Lie Detector

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How can you tell if someone is lying to you?
You can’t.
But they won’t know that, if you – Activate: Lie Detector!

Freak-out your friends or catch them off guard. You can customize the marquee message displayed as the results and totally freak them out.

Ask a question, and then scan their audio response. Did they tell you the truth or did they lie to you? You decide. Hidden controls let you select the results to display either Truth or Lie after each voice scan.

If you play “Truth or Dare” you will always be a winner with Activate Lie Detector, because you are in complete control of the outcome. The controls can be set or you can use the accelerometer to subtly direct the results on the fly. The application displays a real-time voice waveform and simulates analysis.

Activate: Lie Detector lets you:

1. INVISIBLY control the outcome.
2. CUSTOMIZE running marquee message.
3. SELECT from a wide variety of sound effects.
4. CHOOSE vibration setting when someone is lying
5. SET the length of time for each scan.

Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or higher