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SalesQuote 1.0

Are you in Sales? Have you ever needed to quickly send out an estimate to a prospect or customer?

SalesQuote is a tool for Sales people on the go. Whether you sell software, material, hardware, services or consumer goods, SalesQuote enables you to get your estimate in the hands of the customer faster.

This tool is simple to use and provides a quick method of providing an estimate to a potential customer. Information is entered into the main screen and the total value of the work to be done and materials to deliver are automatically calculated. When you are done entering information about the quote, just hit the envelope on the main screen to flip over to the email screen.

On the email screen, just enter in the email address of the customer, then enter in a title for the email itself and click send. SalesQuote will take all the information you entered in on the Main screen and put it into the contents of the email. An additional review panel has been added on the email screen so that you can review the information about the Quote before sending it out to the customer.

PERSONALIZE: Setting have been added so that you can make this tool, a tool for your company. By going into the the settings control of the iPhone or iPod, you can change what the Name is on the top of the Main Screen and you can change what the color is as well. This way the tool looks like it was made specifically for your company.

CUSTOMIZED ITEMS: The settings panel gives you the ability to pre-configure up to 8 items, giving them a name, cost and whether they are taxable or not. This way, you never have to type in the name or modify the cost if they are always going to be the same. Then on the main screen you just pick the items you want to quote and enable them and set a quantity for each. Also if you want to provide a discount to any item, just enter it there on the main screen for each item.

A help screen has been added as well. Just hit the little info button at the bottom of the Bid screen to see all the items listed in the help screen.

NOTE: SalesQuote is not intended to replace your existing quoting procedure. Sales quote is intended to provide you as a sales professional, a tool that makes it easy to send out quick estimates of cost. REVIEW ALL DATA BEFORE SENDING OUT ANY EMAILS.

Also note that when you touch the send email button in the email screen, this will send all the information to the email application on the iphone/ipod. Any modifications, special notes and/or changes to the email can be made there. A handy tip is to include yourself on the CC of the email so that you can keep a record of your sent estimate.

This tool is intended to help make your life as a sales person a little easier. If you have suggestions for changes, please do not hesitate to email me at