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Car Deal Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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  • Finance
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Not just a payment calculator!

This application is designed to give the buyer of a vehicle the ability to figure not only payments, but the actual deal itself. You have the ability to calculate the out the door price based your input of :
-Selling price
-Doc / Prep fees
-Sales tax percentage
-Plate and Title fees
-Trade in value and payoff
-Cash down / Rebate
-Length of loan in months
-interest rate percentage.
When you put these numbers into the calculator, you will get the payment and the “Out The Door Price.”

You also have the ability to figure a payment by rolling back the price, months, interest rate, trade value, and down payment. This new feature offers a great way to customize the deal in your favor. Imagine not having to rely on the salesperson for this information. You know exactly where you are at in the deal. When you here that running boards, or a bug guard, or any add ons will only be a couple of dollars a month, YOU can figure exactly what the difference in the payment is. This will save you money.

See what a dealerships "buyers order" might look like. Know what you are getting into before you sign your name.


YOU know how much you can pay per month, not anyone else.

This application lets you know how much the vehicle can cost to keep in the payment that you want. When you go to the dealership and they say you can afford a certain amount, you will know if they are “up-selling” you, and YOU can stop it. No more entering the dealership trying to stay at one payment and walking out $25, $50, even hundreds of dollars a month more.

Car Deal Calculator is now able to figure for different government rules. If you are in an area that taxes the DOC fee or trade value, or does not, you can set it up from the settings app to figure how it will work best for your situation.