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42s RPN Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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42s is an iPhone port of Thomas Okken's excellent and stable Free42, a complete re-implementation of the highly praised HP-42S RPN calculator. There are no ROMs or emulators involved allowing 42s to run natively and fast. This calculator provides all the functionality of the original 42S with several hundred functions, programability, printer output, etc. Additionally, several enhancements have been made over the original calculator such as additional precision and the ability to import and export programs.

Features include:

* Import and Export programs to and from the 42s with an easy to use web interface.
* Programmable for custom functionality. Packages are available for additional functionality including Engineering, Scientific, Financial, Statistical, etc. Backward compatible with 41CX programs.
* Internally stores values and performs operations in 25 digit decimal precision.
* Use the iPhone keyboard for entering character data, or variable names.
* Runs several orders of magnitude faster then the original calculator, including program execution, solving, integration, matrix operations, etc...
* Swipe LCD vertically to get up to 7 lines of display.
* Double tap LCD to cut and paste one or more numbers from the stack, or paste one or more numbers to the stack
* swipe LCD vertically on the right hand side to roll stack contents, or to scroll a program in program mode.

Recently added features:

* Key clicks work with 1st generation iPods.
* Sound tones mimic those of the original HP-42S
* Double tap print output view to copy print contents
* Display last x register in the upper right hand corner of LCD
* Tap LCD in alpha entry mode to toggle the display of the iPhone keyboard.

* Added option for a dynamically sized stack. Choose between the traditional (X, Y, Z, T) style stack, or a fully dynamic stack.
* Added option for no stack lift on Enter.
* Added DROP command, executed by doube tapping the back key
* Added option to remove device status bar for a larger LCD
Added additional lines to LCD modes, now supports up to 6 lines of stack, or 7 lines of program.
* Added scroll bar to program mode.
* Program mode can now be scrolled with the menu active.

Added in 3.0:

* Compatibility with iOS4 including application switching and compatibility bugs
* Added hi-rez (retinal) key pad image for iPhone 4
* Added Undo and Redo functions for the stack. Swiping the LCD left or right performs these operations.
* Added display option to show flags 0-4 at the top of the display if they are set.