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Excuse Machine

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Ever needed to pretend you're somewhere else or needed an excuse to get someone off the phone?

Excuse Machine allows you to play back a range of sounds during a phone call. Comes with 16 high quality background sounds to help you fake-a-location or make up a legitimate excuse to get the other caller off the phone.

Play multiple sounds at the same time for ultra realistic effects. "Sorry gotta go the baby keeps crying because of the police sirens" or "Sorry your breaking up I'm going under a tunnel". The possibilities are endless.

Sounds include :

- Crowd/People talking (location - loops forever)
- Traffic Jam (location - loops forever)
- Railway Station (location - loops forever)
- Office (location - loops forever)

- Static
- Wind
- Baby Crying
- Door Bell
- Vomiting
- Phone ringing
- Sirens
- Glass smashing
- Woman screaming
- Dog barking
- Gun Shot
- Airport luggage announcement


1. Make a phone call as normal
2. Turn on "Speaker" while phone is ringing
3. Press the Home button at the bottom of the iPhone
4. Open up "Excuse Machine" app
5. Play a sound

Excuse Machine was developed for the iPhone by Tomsoft - makers of Voice Changer, Ringtone Maker, Trivia Challenge, Joke Book and other great apps.