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Light Me A Candle

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"Lighting a candle gives me inspiration, hope, and security during a time of despair. It is a sense of faith and grace." -Analinda Garza (LMAC user)

An overwhelming amount of answered prayers from our users have come through our network.

The Light Me a Candle app allows you to light a votive candle and send a prayer.

Every evening the shared prayers will be sent out to our exclusive prayer groups of all different faiths worldwide. We encourage everyone to send their prayers daily. We respect your privacy and only share your prayer request.

So, why wait? Swipe up to light the candle, click the white dove to write your prayer, and send it on. You never know what might happen.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you charge for the app?
We believe in giving as well as receiving. We use it to pay for our development and maintenance costs and support our prayer network. We believe we are providing a unique valuable service to the world.

Often, we get asked who are the prayers going to exactly? We feel that not knowing who or what faiths see your prayers is part of the experience. Building faith is about believing in the unseen even if it means using an app on your phone. Trust us that your prayers are being prayed for devoutly everyday around the world. Give it a try.

It is said that God works in mysterious ways.

The LMAC app allows you to...
+ Attract peace during your daily life
+ Express gratitude to share well wishes
+ Connect to your feelings in real time
+ Ask for help and be heard around the world
+ Receive relief from your sorrows and defeats
+ Gain strength for life's accomplishments

Please join 1100+ LMACers for daily inspirational information and information about who we are:

"The fruit of silence is prayer,
the fruit of prayer is faith,
the fruit of faith is love,
the fruit of love is service,
the fruit of service is peace"
-- Mother Teresa