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Share !

iPhone / iPad
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" Share ! " is an application program to be able to calculate share the bill quickly.
It is possible to share the bill in an instant by pushing the button.

Cool design like card game of casino.
Are you seen all by eyes of the surprise if it quickly allots it in feelings that became dealers !?

Correspondence country
The United States, Japan, France, and Germany.
JP-Yen, $, EUR€
Other countries might also reflect if there is a demand.

- It is possible to input it by starting quickly.
- There are a tax, a chip, and a savings column and the payment calculation is easy.
- The number of people and Share the bill can be plainly set by an intuitive operation.
- There are four kinds of groups. The young and old man and woman variety change is put.

1. Because the keyboard is displayed when starting, payment is input.
2. If there is the outside tax, the amount of money is input or the ratio is decided by the slider.
3. tax is input or the ratio is decided by the slider.
4. Savings are input if there are savings and a small gift, etc.
5. Each group that wants to divide amount inputs the number of people.
→They are increasing of the number of people by a tap or an upward flick as for the person type icon.
→It decreases in a downward flick.
6. When you push " Share ! " button Share is displayed by the unit of the fraction button, and Surplus is calculated. (usual plus)
7. The amount of money of the group is decided.
→It is increasing of the amount of Share by an upward flick as for the amount of Share.
→The amount of money decreases in a downward flick.
8. When it locks with the lock icon when share of the group is made the amount of hope and " Share ! " button is pushed, share is done by the balance.
(After it locks, the Share change directly is possible. )
9. It completes it when becoming the amount of money of hope repeating the fraction and the amount of share with the change, the lock, and " Share ! " button.